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Home Cinema



From design to implementation, your home theatre is carefully considered and has a huge amount of care applied.

Home theatre design is not a subjective engineering process. We believe that the design is a careful mix of art and science.

We create several designs of the same room, with different equipment, configuration and performance objectives before deciding on one design. It is this process that really adds value to the work of the professional home theatre designer and installer.



Our audio design will ensure that the sound reproduction within your home cinema room is faithful to the technical production of the movie (or music, show or game), in order to provide you with an immersive audio experience.


We ensure that the correct engineering principles are applied. While CEA/CEDIA industry guidelines recognise the objective of adhering to movie technical production standards, they acknowledge that in most installations, intelligent compromises will be needed to balance this aim with the physical, aesthetic and budgetary parameters of each installation.

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